Do You Love Your Children?

What would you think of parents who claim to love their children and want them to be healthy, yet allow them to eat junk food constantly, buy junk food for them, promote the use of junk food, and often give their kids good-tasting poison? I suppose that most sensible people would think that these parents are not doing what is good for their children, but are, in fact, causing them harm.

Why, then, do many Christian parents who say that they want their children to grow up knowing and loving and serving God, constantly feed their children the junk of this world? Why do they promote the junk of this world, and even boast about it to others? Why do they even feed their children things that are contrary to the Word of God and promote the wickedness of this world?

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Isn’t it about time that we teach our children about God’s truth and love?

Why not begin when they are young?

Are you looking for some great children’s Bible story books? In the Beginning, The First Marriage, and The Garden Of Eden are great books for your children to read to learn the first stories from the Bible from the book of Genesis. For Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS Groups), homeschool families, church children’s libraries, and for children everywhere, check out the KathIrene Kids Bible book series! Available in paperback or Kindle edition.

Get all three books in the KathIrene Kids Series!


1. Book one: In the BeginningIn the Beginning (Front)

                        Read how God created the heavens and the earth,

                                 the plants and animals, and even human beings!


The First Marriage - Cover (Web Front)2.    Book two: The First Marriage

                           Read how God created Adam and Eve

                                     and how He intended marriage to be!


Garden of Eden Cover 3. Book three: The Garden of Eden

               Read how God made the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve to enjoy,  and how sin messed things up.





  • Communicate and share God’s word with your young children!
  • Bond with them as they hear and learn to love God’s word!
  • Build a strong Biblical foundation in the lives of your children!


Your children can:

        Read these books alone:                 Read them to each other:             Read them with your children:


                                      In the car                    Before bed                  At home                                             

  At church                              Anywhere                                Any time


The KathIrene Kids Bible Series by Olin Edward James is bringing the truth and love of Jesus to children everywhere. Each book in this series is focused on one important story and lesson from the Bible. Timeless poetry and colorful illustrations make these books a favorite for both children and parents.


Order In the Beginning, The First Marriage, and The Garden of Eden  now!

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