What will become of the next generation if parents of today do not teach their children God’s word? Many Christian church members have not even read the Bible all the way through and do not sbunyan1-1pend time alone with God every day. It was common once for most households to read the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress. Now, it is rare to find a household whose members have even heard of John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress. Many long-time church members have never heard of Christians greatly used by God–people such as Moody, Spurgeon, Wesley, Luther, Knox, Edwards, Sunday, Carmichael, Taylor, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Huss, ten Boom, and many, many more. We can talk about sports, movies, and music, but do not know enough to tell how these men and women set great examples for us to follow as we follow Jesus.

Many can tell you what they believe about the Bible, but do not know what the Bible actually says or where (or if) their beliefs can be found in the Bible. We no longer know the Founders of this nation, nor are we familiar with the “great Christians” of the past. How can our children learn from the examples of those who lived before us and followed Jesus faithfully if we are so busy signing them up for sports leagues that we no longer have time to read about what matters for eternity, or even to read the Bible together as families?

Let us teach our children to read and learn and love and live God’s word. Let us teach them Bible stories and explain to them how God’s word applies to their lives. Let us show them by our own lives that God must come first.

What are your experiences in this area? How are you teaching God’s word to your children, or how did your parents teach them to you? Do you think that these KathIrene Kids Bible books can help teach children God’s word? What are your thoughts on this? May you live fully for God and teach your children the word and ways of our Lord!