For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears earthey will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions (2 Timothy 4:3).

We hear or read this verse, and we usually seem to associate it with the unsaved–that they would rather hear things that are untrue and that make them feel good rather than hear the word of God that talks about sin and right and wrong. This is true, in part. 

However, in my recent observations, this verse is also true of many church-going, religious Christian people. We are full of pride and love to hear that we are good people. We would rather not read or hear anything that might cause us to think that we might not be right or that we might need to change or give up sin. Christians like their ears tickled, too.

We like our ears tickled. We do not want to hear about holiness. We do not like to talk of giving up our habits and desires in order to live more fully for God. Consider even those Christians who do actually take some time to read. Christian fiction books are often checked out of the church library, but the autobiographies and biographies of Christians greatly used by God remain on the shelves. Look at the Christian children’s section. Parents like to go toward those “fun” books that make up cute stories while adding a moral message, but they quickly look past those books that teach their children the word of God–even if they are just as entertaining.

In the Beginning (Front)The more we look at our culture, the more we should feel the need to teach ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren the word of God. Life goes by quickly. Let us no longer pass by the things of God to get to the things of the world. Let us show our spouses, children, grandchildren, neighbors, etc. that God’s word is true and important. Let them see that God’s word is true, and that we all need to hear His truth and love. Noah was a preacher of righteousness. We should be, too. Why not give your grandchildren or neighbor kids some KathIrene Kids’ books (or some other books that will teach them about Jesus) for Christmas?

We will not regret living for God, but we will regret if we did not do what we could to tell and show our families that God’s word is true and that Jesus is the Savior of the world.