The United States “Supreme” Court ruled that under the “Equal Protection Clause” of the Constitution, the University of Texas could use race in determining college admission. Not only is this not logical (that it is equality to discriminate based upon race rather than treat all people equally), but they misuse a phrase from the Constitution in order to make such a claim. We often hear Constitutional phrases nowadays without their context or meaning, and yet serve the purposes of those who are in reality rejecting the intent of the Constitution. We hear of the “separation of church and state” (not found in the Constitution, by the way), to attempt to justify kicking God out of public schools, school boards, cemeteries, city council meetings, football games, and even Christmas displays. We hear the “commerce clause” being used to try to justify Congress telling us what kind of toilets we have to buy and what kind of light bulbs we must use. Now, we hear the “Equal Protection Clause” used to try to justify discrimination.

While we may disagree with such things that are extremely contrary to the Constitution, how many of us can tell anyone else what those phrases really mean or what was their intent? We, too, remain ignorant of truth, and often have no idea what the Founding Fathers actually said, wrote, or did in regard to the Constitution. So, we sit back quietly, shake our heads, elect them same corrupt and ignorant politicians, and then play our video games and join our sports leagues while claiming that we do not like to read or are too busy to learn the truth about these things. I doubt if many politicians could pass a simple test on truth and intent of the Constitution. I doubt if many politicians, teachers, lawyers, and at least four of the Supreme Court justices (along with most Christians) have even read basic writings of our Founding Fathers such as The Federalist (written to explain the Constitution, and what Thomas Jefferson called the best commentary on the Constitution) or The Debates of the Federal Convention of 1787 (the written transcripts of the debates as our Founders discussed the proposed wording to the Constitution). So, in our ignorance we have no idea, really what the Founding Fathers actually believed about God in public life, the Second Amendment, Christianity, slavery (many were members of antislavery societies), the “commerce clause,” the reasons they did not set up the direct election of Senators, the electoral college, what they said about taxes, and so much more.

I doubt if most American youth could even name more than four or five of our Founding Fathers. We even have leaders telling us that our form of government is a democracy rather than a republic. We are to blame, for our children no longer learn the truth in most schools and universities, and we fail to seek and learn the truth ourselves.

On another note, I was just out walking with our two girls. In front of us were two junior-high-age boys. One decided to loudly use profanity. I encouraged him to increase his education and find other word that could be used in place of the profanity. I encouraged them to read the Bible and find God’s truth. Suddenly, the boy on the left raised his arm and said, “ ‘And you shall dash their infants against the rocks,’ said Jesus.” I explained that the quote used was from the Old Testament, when God told His people that the cruelty that was done to them by their enemies would also be done to their enemies.  It was sad to me that not only our the youth growing up ignorant of American history and the Bible, but they are growing up learning to hate God and His word.

Regarding both the Constitution and especially the Bible, I wondered how many Christians would have known what that boy was referring to about dashing the infants against the rocks. How many would have been able to respond and tell the boy that he was not quoting the Bible properly? I am sad to say that I believe many of us are not studying to show ourselves approved unto God. We can give sports statistics, but have no idea what Malachi said or who Haggai is. Like the unsaved, we can tell others what we believe or what we were told (about both the Bible and the Constitution), but cannot show others what we believe, for we really do not know if our beliefs are really in the Bible or the Constitution.

Let me encourage you, then, to set time aside daily to be with God in prayer and in His word. Spend some time read some of the writings of the Founding Fathers. Discuss these things with your family, friends, Sunday school class, and others. Spend some time on the Lord’s Day away from the too often idol of sports, and spend some time with your family or even alone reading and learning truth.

God has blessed America, but we have rejected Him. Let us then, while we still can, return to Him and His truth.