Miller Family 1

The author, Paul Miller, raised by Godly parents, is from a small Ohio town. Paul is married to his wonderful wife, Christy, and has two incredible daughters, Hannah Katherine and Gwenyth Irene (thus the KathIrene Kids). He has studied God’s word in Ohio, New York, and Alberta, Canada, and desires that all would read and love the Scriptures, abide in Jesus, walk in the Spirit, and glorify God.

Paul has chosen to use the pen name of Olin Edward James, as Paul Miller is a very common name and there are already one or more Paul Millers who are Christian authors. “Olin” is the name of Paul’s grandfather (his dad’s dad) who died a couple years before he was born. “Edward” is the name of one of his father’s brothers. Paul’s middle name is Edward, named after his uncle, who died while serving in Korea during the Korean War. “James” is the name of Paul’s father, one of the greatest Christians Paul knew, and who has gone home to be with Jesus.

As for the KathIrene Kids Series, we hope to publish many more of these books and tell almost all of the Bible in this kid-friendly rhyming format. We hope you enjoy them and grow nearer to God! Thank you for visiting.